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I wanted to express my appreciation to KD Search & Associates  for the work done on behalf of Rosecrance in their search for a new Chief Financial Officer. I’ve had various contacts with search firms throughout my career and your firm stands out for their knowledge, professionalism and respect for the candidates going through the process. During my initial contact it was evident that your firm approached executive search differently than I had experienced in the past. That belief was confirmed upon review of the detailed Position Profile. The Position Profile demonstrated that KD Search & Associates  had a thorough understanding of the Rosecrance organization, the skills and talents the position required and what type of candidate would be successful in this role. Most importantly, the document communicated the information I needed to determine if I should consider the job and relocation of my family in the first place. Thank you for your efforts on my behalf.
Thanks to KD Search & Associates for conducting a very professional search. Your firm has been a great help to us. The candidates have told me that, when compared to other head-hunters they have been in contact with previously, none is as professional as your firm. I’m so happy that we selected KD Search & Associates to help us. The candidate that we selected will be a fantastic President of Alo North America and I hope he will find Alo to be a good company for which to work. I’m sure we will be in touch for other recruits in the future. Thanks again.
I am not one to give accolades that are not earned. We ‘hit a home run’ when we made the decision to use KD Search & Associates. We truly appreciated the efforts and the special attention KD Search & Associates gave to Robert Family Holdings. KD Search & Associates is our first choice for searches in the future.
Robert Family Holdings
Working with KD Search & Associates I was just given the opportunity to interview one of the most articulate and self-assured candidates that I have ever interviewed. From my standpoint, he is a potential game-changer, both from a people and technical perspective.

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